Supernatural Tales, #31

Supernatural Tales published its thirty first volume this month, including my second contribution to this excellent weird fiction journal, ‘What I Found in the Shed’. It won’t be the last either, as I have two more stories scheduled to appear in future issues next year. My previous contribution, ‘An To Bury Ring’, which appeared in Supernatural Tales, #27, was included on Ellen Datlow’s list of recommendations for last year, and she also mentioned ‘What I Found in the Shed’ on the SFEditorsPicks page: the, calling the story ‘surprising’ and ‘horrifying’. So thanks to Ellen for recommending them, and thanks to ST editor David Longhorn for publishing them!


This cover image is by the multi-talented Sam Dawson, who is also an accomplished writer, having contributed both to ST itself and two of the Black Books of Horror. Sam’s contribution to the Eleventh Black Book of Horror ‘The Weather Vane’ was one of the highlights of that volume, a tale of class warfare in the Jamesian mode reminding me of John Connolly’s ‘The Ritual of the Bones’. When I first saw the image, I thought it was a hand with severed finger-tips. It was only when I looked closer that I saw that what I thought were bloodied stumps were in fact tiny serpents’ heads…

You can buy a copy, either physical or e-book, here:

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