The Sound of Horror

I’m on the Coastal Waters Review today, hosted by Caroline Waters, for a pre-Hallowe’en special at 4pm on Brighton and Hove Community Radio. Listen live at this link

or wait for the upload on Mixcloud:

There’ll be a reading of my story ‘The Apotheosis of Jenny Swallow’, and I’ll be discussing the role of sound in horror, starting with radio horror, whether it’s the shows that used to crawl out through the static of your bakelite wireless set in the ‘Fifties or the use of radio stations as a setting and narrative device in films like The Fog. As an example of radio-based horror fiction, we’ll hear an extract from Thana Niveau’s terrifying short story ‘Two Five Seven’, about numbers stations. But sound is also crucial in the visual medium of the cinema, from the pounding on the bedroom door in The Haunting to the Foley-based frights of Berberian Sound Studio. Then there’s the role of music, not just as the soundtrack to horror movies but as subject matter, in gothic tales of mad composers, tormented concert pianists and devil-worshipping music promoters. We’ll be drawing connections between the treatment of this theme from The Phantom of the Opera to Simon Avery’s recent novella The Teardrop Method

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