Badvent Calendar Day 5

Let the wild Krampus begin!

Yes, folks, it’s Krampusnacht, when the demonic counterpart to Santa Claus is abroad punishing the bad children with his switch and loading them into a basket to carry off. So, here’s my annual reminder to buy my Eibonvale chapbook ‘How I Learned the Truth About Krampus’ today before the Xmas rush.

Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure of legend with a classic half-goat half-demonic appearance.  The night of the 5th December is Krampusnacht, when this hairy devil appears on the streets – on his own or accompanying St. Nicholas, but always carrying a bundle of birch twigs ready to punish those who have misbehaved.  At least, that’s how the folk-festivals that take place across Europe go.  The truth may be stranger still.  This is a sharp and intelligently written horror story that delves deep into seasonal mythology and folk legend.  An atmospheric and chilling tale of the dark side of the winter season.

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