Badvent Calendar Day 24

Tennant’s Solstice Surprise

A nice little unexpected early Christmas present was Peter Tennant’s review on the Black Static website of The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors 3: A Miscellany of Monsters, which gave a thumbs up to it and my story in it:

“‘Cuckoo Flower’ by Tom Johnstone has a rogue botanist losing the plot when her contraband plants turn out to be rather different than advertised. It’s another gleeful story, with Johnstone capturing perfectly the obsessive tone of the protagonist and her disbelief about what is taking place.”

The story appears again in my collection Let Your Hinged Jaw Do the Talking, also published by Alchemy Press. Too late to order it for Christmas of course, but if you’re in Hove today doing last minute Christmas shopping, I think City Books on Western Road still has one copy left…

As an extra-special Christmas treat, here’s another extract of me reading a seasonal story from the collection: ‘The Cutty Wren’. (Part Two of Four)

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