It’s ‘Ell in here! (in a good way…)

Some could argue there’s a vision of Hell in my story ‘Slaughtered Lamb’, which first appeared in the Eleventh Black Book of Horror, the latest in the long-running anthology series edited by Charles Black. But I was in my seventh Heaven, when I received a message saying it’s ‘Ell in here; actually ‘It’s Ellen here’: Ellen Datlow saying she was interested in reprinting the story for her anthology Best Horror of the Year #8.

I think it’s a tribute to the strength of the latest Black anthology that Ellen took not just one but two reprints in BHOTY#8: also on the TOC, which you can see below (and quite a line-up it is!) is Stephen Bacon’s ‘Lord of the Sand’, originally published in the same place. I still can’t quite believe Ellen has picked my story, but just as you can’t argue with rejections from publishers, the same is happily true of acceptances: The editor’s decision is final!

Table of Contents: Best Horror of the Year, #8

We Are All Monsters Here by Kelley Armstrong                

Universal Horror by Stephen Graham Jones

Slaughtered Lamb by Tom Johnstone

In a Cavern, In a Canyon by Laird Barron

Between the Pilings by Steve Rasnic Tem                            

Snow by Dale Bailey                         

Indian Giver by Ray Cluley                          

My Boy Builds Coffins by Gary McMahon

The Woman in the Hill by Tamsyn Muir

Underground Economy by John Langan                               

The Rooms Are High by Reggie Oliver                                

All the Day You’ll Have Good Luck by Kate Jonez                        

Lord of the Sand by Stephen Bacon

Wilderness by Letitia Trent

Fabulous Beasts by Priya Sharma

Descent by Carmen Maria Machado

Hippocampus by Adam Nevill

Black Dog by Neil Gaiman

The 21st Century Shadow by Stephanie M. Wytovich

This Stagnant Breath of Change by Brian Hodge