Publication History (since 2010)


‘Dairy of a Madman’ – Dark Tales, Vol. 13

Dairy of a Madman


‘A Change is as Good as a Rest’ – Holiday of the Dead (Wild Wolf Books)

Holiday of the Dead


 ‘Bit on the Side’ – Ninth Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press)



‘The Easter Bunny’ – Tenth Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press)


 ‘A Helping Hand’ – Brighton: the Graphic Novel (Queenspark Books)

Graphic Novel


‘Clawing at the Walls of her Prison’ – Temporary Skeletons (Chupa Cabra House)

Temp Skel square

‘An To Bury Ring’ – Supernatural Tales, #27.

Supernatural Tales

‘Kravolitz’ – Wicked Women (Fox Spirit Books)

Wicked Women


(As co-editor, with Joel Lane) Horror Uncut: Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease (Gray Friar Press)

British Fantasy Award nominated in three categories: best anthology, best short story (‘Ptichka’ by Laura Mauro) and best newcomer (also Laura Mauro for ‘Ptichka)

Joel Uncut Front Cover with title (1)


‘Masque’ – Shroud Magazine!shroud-15-winter-2015/crf6

Shroud cover (2)

‘Look for the Place Where the Ivy Rises’ – Strange Tales V (Tartarus Press).


‘Ava and Tara’ – K Zine


‘Under Occupation’ – Darkest Minds (Dark Minds Press).

darkest minds final wraparound (2)

‘Face Down in the Earth’ – Terror Tales of the Scottish Highlands (Gray Friar Press).

Terror Tales

‘Slaughtered Lamb’ – Eleventh Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press)

pecks on the beach

‘What I Found in the Shed’ – Supernatural Tales, #31.


‘The Rise and Fall of the Hairless Apes’ – Eldritch Embraces (Dragon’s Roost Press)

‘Squatters’ Rites’ – What Haunts the Heart (Mantle Lane Press)

‘Slaughtered Lamb’ (reprint) – Best Horror of the Year, #8 (Nightshade Books)

Best Horror Vol 8 no authors (2)

‘Holywood’ – Third Ghosts and Scholars Book of Shadows (Sarob Press)

‘The Body Static’ (from Joel Lane’s notes) – Something Remains (Alchemy Press)

Something Remains A002

‘Mum and Dad and the Girl from the Flats over the Road and the Man in the Black Suit’ – Supernatural Tales, #33



‘Oldstone Gardens’ – Horror Library Vol. 6 (Cutting Block Press)

‘The Follow Up’ – Cold Iron: Ghost Stories from the 21st Century (Iron Press)

Cold Iron: 21st Century Ghost Stories

‘Opening Your Eyes Is The Most Painful Thing You Will Ever Have To Do’

Two Eyes Open (Mackenzie Publishing)

Two Eyes Open front cover

‘The Coroner’s Collector (A Good Body Washed Up On The Beach Story)’

Single Slices (Cutting Block Press)

‘The Chiromancer’ – Supernatural Tales 36

Supernatural Tales 36

‘How I Learned The Truth About Krampus’ – Eibonvale Press Chapbook

Screenshot 2017-11-28 23.27.43


‘In the Hold, it Waits’ – A Book of the Sea (Egaeus Press)

A Book of the Sea

‘The Cleaner’s Tale’ – Pickman’s Gallery (Ulthar Press)

‘A Heart of Stone’ – Making Monsters ( Publishing)

‘The Cutty Wren’ –  A Ghosts and Scholars Book of Folk Horror (Sarob Press)


‘The Fall Guy’ – Twice-Told: A Collection of Doubles (Chthonic Matter, 2019)

My debut novella:

The Monsters are Due in Madison Square Garden (Omnium Gatherum Books, 2019)

Monsters are Due WS (1)

‘The Beast in the Palace’ – Black Static #68.

My debut collection, Last Stop Wellsbourne.

2020 Visions:

Star Spangled Knuckle Duster.

Star Spangled Knuckle Duster

‘Let Your Hinged Jaw Do the Talking’ – Nightscript 6

‘Untogetherness’ – Corona Nation Street

‘Creeping Forth Upon Their Hands’ – The Ghastling, Book 12


‘Gardener’s World’ – Crimeucopia: The Cosy Nostra

‘What I Found in the Shed’ (reprint) – Body Shocks

‘Cuckoo Flower’ – The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors 3: A Miscellany of Monsters

‘Let Your Hinged Jaw Do the Talking’ (reprint) – Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 13


Novella – The Song of Salome

Short story collection – Let Your Hinged Jaw Do the Talking

Novella collection – In the Friendly Dark


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