May Day! May Day! Horror Uncut is on its way…

I thought today, being International Workers’ Day, would be a good day to announce the Table of Contents for Horror Uncut: Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease, an austerity-themed anthology co-edited by the late Joel Lane and myself. His untimely death left his friends and fans in a state of shock, but I hope this volume will serve as something of a memorial to Joel and all he stood for. As well as a bit of waffle from me, there are seventeen weird and disturbing tales, running the gamut from quiet horror to grand guignol, exploring the effects of the bedroom tax, health privatization and other policies on the human psyche: fiction that asks what ghosts, what nightmares, what private madness, what after-life austerity imposes on us.



Horror Uncut Table of Contents

  1. Joel Lane – ‘A Cry for Help’
  2. Simon Bestwick – ‘The Battering Stone’
  3. Priya Sharma – ‘The Ballad of Boomtown’
  4. John Llewellyn Probert – ‘The Lucky Ones’
  5. Stephen Hampton – ‘The Sun Trap’
  6. Gary McMahon – ‘Only Bleeding’
  7. Anna Taborska – ‘The Lemmy / Trump Test’
  8. John Howard – ‘Falling into Stone’
  9. Laura Mauro – ‘Ptichka’
  10. Stephen Bacon – ‘The Devil’s Only Friend’
  11. David Williamson – ‘The Procedure’
  12. Rosanne Rabinowitz – ‘Pieces of Ourselves’
  13. John Forth – ‘A Simple Matter of Space’
  14. David Turnbull – ‘The Privilege Card’
  15. Alison Littlewood – ‘The Ghost at the Feast’
  16. Andrew Hook – ‘The Opaque District’
  17. Thana Niveau – ‘No History of Violence’

Available soon from Gray Friar Press:

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